Friday, March 5, 2010


TREY be coming home at last. I know you've all been awaiting this event with near overwhelming anticipation! Well... you need not wait much more. I'll be home on Tuesday. Some of you I'll wanna see the moment I get back, but lets be honest, some of you it'll be better to see a bit later... like on FRIDAY!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My quest is complete!!

I was up in the mountains of northern Thailand playing a relaxing game of paddle ball when I saw an amazing red thai fly fluttering about in the sky. This fly was truly amazing, far larger and more beautiful than any other i've seen during my voyage. Recently I've been practicing my ability to connect with others through my meditation practice... a skill I learned during my retreat. As I saw this fly scurrying about in the air I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to test these abilities...

After just a few minutes I felt the energy of the fly filling my body, feeling its movements as though they were mine. Without thinking I relaxed my hands to my sides and upon opening my eyes I found the fly resting on my palm!!

I believe this is a true signal that my quest here in SE Asia is coming to a close! I'm now planning my return back to America and getting really excited to show off my new skills to all of my friends....

With love,