Thursday, February 25, 2010

Speak of the Devil

You are never going to guess who I ran into!!!

After mentioning the boy in my last post, it must
have been fate that I would run into him. As Miles left
last week, I have been traveling alone which is alright
but it was starting to get to my head. The idea that all
of my friends are now in Boulder rather than Thailand
makes this side of the world feel empty. God must
have noticed and blessed me with the presence
of my great friend, Teague.

Anyways, so I had heard of this amazing party town called Vang Vienne which lies on a river and and attracts us white boys with free alcohol, massive rope swings and a never ending lazy river!!! No joke, these rope swings HUGE. As you all know, I consider myself to be a pretty big bad azz but these swings freaked me out... and that's say'n somthing.

So, with nothing else to do I decided to go to this town and who do I meet on the bus? Teague himself!! Can't tell you how excited I was

Partying hard with Teague and some temporary friends

this place is super beautiful naturally, but I think the rope swings add a nice touch

Me flyin high! See what I mean though... super scary

Cancun has nothing on this place. White boys heaven:
GIRLS, rope swings, free alcohol, water and sun

Another view. Competing rope swing venues drive down the price of free alcohol!
hahaha. Clothes do tend to come off here :)

oh yeah, late night mud pit wrestling where things get a little 'dirty'
Teauge was headed up in to the mountains to
conquer his life long goal of completing a retreat
to the end so we parted ways

All in all, Vang Vienne was AWESOME. Teauge definitely lifted my
spirits and I think I can finishing my journey over the next 2
weeks traveling alone. Super excited to be heading back to
the USA though!! Get ready boyz,
TREY's comin BACK

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retreats give the spinzzzz

Hello friends and family!!

sooo... I bailed on the Buddhist retreat after only a couple of days. I know, I know... you're all thinking I'm a big wuss BUT I will remind you that our good friend Teague also bailed on his yoga retreat prematurely so I'm not the only one!

My reason for 'retreating' from the retreat so quickly is that I became conscious of a chronic dizzy spell overwhelming my system, almost like I had the spinzzz from a hard night of partying, but all day long. You can imagine how discomforting this may be so give me a break. Now, if you recall Teague also complained of this symptom from his retreat... leading me to believe that this is a symptom of retreating and is unavoidable for white westerners such as myself! It's kinda weird, the more I think about it the more I realize I have in common with Teague. Anyways, just my mind wondering

As I've been writing this post I remembered an old skool pic of a night that Teague had legitimate spinzzzz... enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Budda retreat!

Hi all,

I have departed from my loves Calum and miles to go on a multi-week Buddhist retreat up in the hills of Thailand. I'm feeling really stoked on it because we had an amazing yoga session today that has really put me in the right frame of mind. All three of us were just out of this world...

on another note, since John's left to do his own thing in life I feel like I can show you an example of how weird he can be. Guess he figured she wouldn't mind...
kinda miss the guy though, nobody on earth like him