Monday, January 25, 2010


Miles recently purchased this sweet 'Dry Tube', which has been keeping our goods dry
The destitute gathering muck. I gave them some of our jelly
Miles picked up a pair of death metal sandals seen here
This is what we do roughly 95% of the time. Some might think we're wasting a good trip not seeing the country... but come-on we're living like rich american kings!
Calum recovering from his happy ending massage.
(He really didn't want Christine to find out, but i just don't feel comfortable misrepresenting reality on this blog)
We're on our way to play some tennis
Where they process the muck into... ?
It actually snowed a lil' bit!
It rained for a week straight. We were trapped inside our cozy bungalow, one thing led to the next, and with cabin fever running high some crazy things went down between us boys!
This guy is playing cards. Obviously
Just another dirty river
Preparing to brave the street
Miles' hair is getting a bit dready.

The sun sets here

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  1. bwhahahaha! Love the happy ending comment. I did ask myself why he was pretty much naked in that photo...he also has a very suspicious smile on his face. Hummm, you might be on to something!