Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jack Kerouac's disciples

We've decided to become contemporary Dharma Bums. We've gone about doing this by adopting something of a contradictory life style. Each morning we get in touch with our spiritual side with yoga, chi gona, meditation, and oolong tea. (Yeah, we're for REELZ). We pass the day with naked group dips in the river (gotta keep John's stench under-control), temple visits, and of course we read - mostly philosophy and sci-fi. But then when evening comes we change our whole identity from enlightened westerners seeking acceptance in a foreign land, to regular western college aged men... so what do we do? We play drinking games!! Mainly we play hearts, where the losers have to shotgun three beers each. Then we go party at the Bamboo Bar.

In other news, John and I got tats. We might now have a disease from the dirty needles they used on us, but it
don matter. John looks funny with his chest hair shaved.
And as always he's pissed. Don't know
what the guys problem is.

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