Thursday, December 10, 2009

In times past in Pai

We are now 5 strong: I am still the leader followed by Miles, Tom (John's Brother), Ben (Tom's Friend), and lastly John. WE stayed a few days in Bangkok, a few days in Lampang, a few days in Chiang Mai, and now we're in Pai. Five is a large group to handle while traveling but lets be honest, Trey knows how to hold IT DOWN!. Miles and I were doing just fine as a duo. I mean we can talk about anything that comes to mind and you can never get sick of playing WAR, but I have welcomed these three Americans into our gang to spice things up. Plus, they have a guitar.

We're hanging out in this rad jungley mountain village called Pai. It's funny, this place is super touristy but rather than foreign travelers most are Thai or of other Asian nationality. It makes me feel like I run the show and these Thai tourists are invading my space. Its cool though, they are all really nice.

OH, wait, we actually have a sixth companion! I can't believe I almost forgot about him. Bill, this electric water kettle has hung out with us for the last ten days. He's AWESOME, he'll brew us tea, make oatmeal, boil eggs, make saline water for sinus flushes (John's thing, don't ask you don't want to know), and he's even thinking of cooking potatoes. I'm trying to see if he'd give John a bath, it's embarrassing to be around that man let alone travel with him.

Miles carving graffiti into the rock

Our fifth companion Bill

John, no one's stoked he's here

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