Monday, November 9, 2009

We're movin on!!!

In reply to my last post, you'll never guess what ACTUALLY caused us to leave Sumatra. And thanks to everybody who voted in the poll, made the boring life down here a little bit more fun :)

so, let me get to it. While we basically ended up devouring all of the listed resources (money, water and literature), the true reason that we had to scram from Sumatra is because I got a tick on my BOOTY! AAHH, what the hell do you do when you have a tick in a third world country that has never heard of tweezers??? Well, you sprint to the nearest airport and get the hell out. Thats exactly what we did, we bought tickets to Kuala Lumpur which is 'famous for shopping' to maximize our chances of finding first world quality tweezers. You have no idea the fear that was going through my mind durning the 24 hrs it took to get there... after all it never crossed my mind to get the lime poisoning immunization shot for our travels. Anyways, all is well now I think. Miles spent a little extra time than I thought he needed but all is well now.

Kuala Lumpur is actually pretty cool. no joke about the 'shopping', there is serious street to street 10 floor mall competition, complete with indoor roller coasters! Although, for how great the malls are, they still serve your food on a big fat leaf, gross. I kinda left the third world in hopes of plates and napkins... maybe Thailand will be a little classier...

with love, Trey

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