Monday, November 16, 2009

Thai Islands and the tourists

Hello my friends!

I have now been traveling for over 2 months, and across the world for one of them. Its hard to believe but I am actually getting pretty tan!! We are now in Thailand hopping from island to island and it is both not what we expected, and exactly as we expected... touristy beyond belief and very beautiful. Illness has followed me everywhere. These people do NOT understand the concept of sanitary eating, no forks, no napkins, and man does this food give you the runs! However, you'd be surprised at how the body adapts... I find myself subconsciously knowing exactly where a water-closet is at all times :)

Among the countless tourists, we managed to find a couple worth talking to. Turns out they are from Colorado too and more bizarrely, we kept running into them all over the island. I guess its like they say, when in Rome, do as the Coloradan's do. If I've learned anything from these two, its that the people from Colorado ROCK!!! And WE ROCK TOO!

Life has gone on more or less the same, here's a poem to explain:
we eat,
we drink,
we swim,
we sink,
we read,
we fart,
we sleep,
we're smart ;-)

as you can tell its really touristy/crowded. Took me 15 minutes standing in line to get atop that rock to throw my skipping stone...

with love,

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