Monday, November 2, 2009

Sumatra continued: which resource will cause us to leave???

The easy pleasy life continues... another day, another gallon swallowed, another lap around the school of eels and another 100 page dent into Lord of the Rings. Thats what life here is all about ~ accomplishing as little as possible.

Miles and I have decided that we will return to the real world once one of our major resources have been depleted: Water (the less you eat the less you can #3), Big Money, and Literature.
Which do you think it will be...

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On another note, my homie Woodfin just sent me a note that Sunflower Market once again has their amazing ruby red Texan grapefruit sale which should continue all the way into spring. like last year. Those things are soooo good, I'm really bummed I'll be missing out :(

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